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Revenue Cycle Consulting Services

CPT & ICD-10-CM Coding and Education, Accounts Receivable Support

We are a team of certified coders, billers, and educators that helps you manage your practice accounts receivables with ease. Get started with a consulting team that will help you to close AR gaps, identify coding and billing trends causing payment delays with your claims and ultimately build a robust revenue cycle all around.

Boost the Success of your Healthcare Practice with Revenue Cycle Consulting

Part of running a viable and successful revenue cycle is working with a team that can help you effectively manage your operations and service your patients in the best way possible. And the easiest way to do that is to partner with a medical consultant that can streamline billing, coding, and other processes.

So, just what is a coding and billing consultant and how can one help your practice and billing functions?Our consultants are certified and have several years of experience in accounts receivable management and education. Consultants are trained in educating correct coding practices and analyzing potential gaps in your revenue cycle. Our team will help your medical practice improve efficiency and profitability for your medical practice.

If you are looking for a team of certified coding consultants, medical billers, or revenue cycle educators that you can count on, it is time to start working with a team that offers a level of expertise that will guarantee positive results. The team at Health Care Revenue Cycle Solutions is here with the professionalism and knowledge you are looking for with your medical billing needs.

Get in touch with us and we will get started assisting you with your revenue cycle needs.

Are you looking for a team of revenue cycle consultants to partner with you and your billing team? Or are you in need of a consultant to assist with training, or assessing skills and competencies of your current billing team? Our company can assist with support to help navigate the complicated world of coding and medical billing.

Expert advice from a Professional Team

The team at Health Care Revenue Cycle Solutions has been in the revenue cycle business for years. Several years of experience and knowledge has enabled us to develop a deep understandingof medical coding, billing, and accounts receivables. Each one of our consultants has spent extensive time researching, studying, and applying government rules in the revenue cycle field that will allow us to give your organization the consulting services you are looking for.We are a reliable team that you can count on even when you are dealing with particularly difficult revenue cycle situations.No matter the case when you’re A/R is greater than 120 days and not you are not meeting your revenue cycle goals, all you need to do is get in touch and we’ll provide you with the advice and assistance you need.

Support for Every Aspect of Revenue Cycle Management Operations

We will help you with every aspect of revenue cycle management. We understand the complexities of medical coding and billing, and that is why we’re here to offer consulting and education services that keep your business operating the way it should.

Accounts Receivables (A/R) Management Support and Consulting

Accounts receivables are the backbone of the medical practice. This is where you receive insurance payments (such as Medicaid, Medicare, and Blue Cross) and including patient balances (such as copays, deductibles, and services not covered)to keep your business functioning. We can assist with A/R consulting and support by conducting a gap analysis of you are A/R to trend potential problems. We will look at your accounts receivables and help you identify areas where you could be losing money. Our team will pinpoint areas where you would be able to save money or improve your accounts receivables process by making changes to your team’s workflow.

Medical Billing and Coding Training

We will handle training your new employees in medical billing and coding so that you can focus on other practice management initiatives. Plus, we will help you with any complicated billing and coding needs, making sure that you are prepared for any complex revenue cycle billing issues that may arise. Our consultants are also certified instructors with the AAPC and we offer certificate coding training.

Change Your Practice with Medical Consulting Services

Are you ready to transform your medical practice and start improving your operations by accomplishing a more robust and viable revenue cycle than ever? We are here and ready to help.

To get started, all you need to do is get in touch with the team at Health Care Revenue Cycle Solutions. From there, we will guide you through the world of revenue cycle to ensure every medical billing claim coded and processed generates the maximum potential revenue for your practice.

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